People Power and Crowdsourcing

It seems unbelievable! A new concept car from Vollkswagen bowls its way along a Chinese street, hovering well above the ground, avoiding accidents and obstacles – and with very little actual driving being done.
“Take me home!” says the driver at one point.

The passengers are the parents of girl who dreamed up the concept. Volkswagen China had crowdsourced ideas for future car innovation via a virtual suggestion box on its website.

Then they turned them into reality in a series of viral concept videos. The key word in the next sentence is “simulated”:In this video, Hover Car, the firm simulated an idea for the hovering car , powered by minerals underground.

The parents of the girl who submitted the idea got to ‘test drive’ the car in the video. Volkswagen is NOT telling us how it was done. Enjoy!

Altogether, VW received 119,000 ideas and 33 million hits on the website.

The campaign was developed by Proximity Beijing/Goodstein & Partners.

Two other concept cars, a “Music Car” and the “Smart Key” car, were unveiled at the Beijing auto show last month.

New Era | Introducing North America

New Era Introducing launches in North America in early 2012 on the heels of a successful inaugural year in EMEA in 2011.

During Phase One of the program, we will be accepting artwork from residents in the United States and Canada beginning April 16th, and the submission period ends at 12:00AM on May 14th. We want to see what the creative minds of tomorrow can contribute, whether it be a picture, painting, video or physical creation.

Our panel of judges will then decide who will move on to Phase Two. 100 finalists will be sent a Blank 59FIFTY Cap with supporting Art Supplies. With these materials, we want you to express yourself and transform the cap into a masterpiece. After you receive the cap, you will have 2 weeks to complete your work of art. After all submissions are received, our judges will select on person to receive a $10,000 grant to launch their career!

Thanks Event.

This morning we are giving a shout out to the lovely people at Event magazine who have been a huge support to The Tailor of Shoreditch over the last year.

We are especially grateful for including us and our work in their new strategy section, brandwatch. Its three in a row for The Tailors as Event have chosen to cover our work for Fred Perry, New Era and Benefit Cosmetics over the last 3 issues.

Thanks guys.


The Tailor of Shoreditch and its strategic partners Amplify Present…

The Evolution of Influence

‘How brands become cultural icons’

Is there a formula to creating fans?
How much can fans be worth to a brand?
Why engaging fans should become more than just buying Likes?

Taking a topic true to our heart, The Tailors & Amplify’s latest short film explores the changing role and importance of fans to brands – and we would love you to come to our preview screening and this is your invitation.

‘FanCulture’ investigates the influence and impact that fans can have on a brand: elevating it, promoting it and dedicating their money, time and even skin to it.

Yet ‘FanCulture’ is often misunderstood, misused and mismanaged – in many cases unwittingly by brands themselves.

Featuring interviews and expert opinion from academics, brands and the fans themselves the film looks at the part FanCulture could, and should, play in brand marketing, exploring how a brand can identify their fans and, more important, harness their passion.

Contributors include:

Carl Christopher – Playstation
Kirsty dare – Protein
Ricky Wilson – The Kaiser Chiefs
Richard Martin – Fred Perry
Aaron Boguki – Polydor
Charlie Palmer – E4 & CH4
DR Matt Hills – Author of Fan Cultures
Wil Sansom – Contagious Magazine

New Era By You.

New Era has taken consumer design interaction to their retail and online with their initiative New Era by you, they had some of the biggest capaholics in the game test out our latest project. Listen to what these bloggers had to say about the first cap customization to hit the web and don’t forget to test it out at New Era by you

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