The Tailors are seeing an increased interest in the phenomenon that is Pintrest, with clients enquiring about its value to their business. Pinterest is taking off like a wildfire in the United States. The social site has attracted lots of attention in the past few months due to its phenomenal growth rate and the amount of traffic it is sending out to linked retailers.

An interesting infographic here

But, a study of Pinterest’s performance elsewhere has revealed some interesting little tidbits that businesses would do well to keep an eye on. The full info graphic is below, but here are a few highlights.
The first notable thing is that Pinterest in the USA boasts 12 million unique visitors, while in the UK only 200,000. That’s a factor of 60 difference between the two (sixty times as many people visiting in the US than in the UK – the population ratio is only 5:1). This should be kept in mind when considering the rest of the data presented here. The “sample size” is so much smaller in the UK right now (though still considerable) that the data could change as the sheer numbers rise.

Another interesting difference is that the age of the largest demographic group visiting is just slightly younger in the UK. But, there is a real difference in income level. Far more visitors in the UK tended to earn six-figure incomes.

The most surprising find was that the majority of Pinterest users in the UK are male. And, they look at Pinterest more in terms of marketing, business and finance issues.
We are currently working with a client to see how Pinterest can drive sales and increased interaction so watch this space for updates on that.